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Hello Bloggy,

I have been reading and watching a BBC series about World War II the last month and  I’m completely overwhelmed by the things about this war I never knew. I have always been a history buff; it all began in the dope smoking days of my youth. After I got high I drove my brother nuts because all I wanted to do was watch the history channel. I usually do not make my wife watch war shows but with a war of this magnitude and with it only occurring within the last 100 years it was mandatory for the wife to watch. No book reading for her just  a 12 disk documentary, LOL. Then while on a family/friends hay ride I came across this gun. You know, when ever real cowboys show up they always find their way into the woods before the festivities. While target practicing with a few friends one of them pulled this out and told me to inspect the gun. I came across 3 Nazi markings on the gun. I could not believe I was holding a pre-war manufactured gun made for the Nazi military. I had just came to the end of my study on World War II, and while holding this in my hands my stomach began to curl. The first thought into my head was how many innocent people lost their lives to the end of this barrel.  After shooting this gun I still could not fathom the history in my hand. As I began to think of the evil that had been done with it there came thoughts of destroying it, but then again this gun just like every other gun manufactured is “neutral”. A gun is neither “good” nor “bad”, but neutral just as money. It all depends on who is holding it. I am very…very… pro-gun. It’s sad that we live in a world that with out guns in the right hands there would not be peace. God did not intend it to be this way, but this is a fact of life. I have my fair share of guns in my house. How about you? Praise God that the majority of Guns are in the right hands or the world as you know it would not exist…

Peace out…


Hello Bloggy

It’s been so long since I have blogged that I forgot my username…LOL. Summer has wrapped up and things are starting to slow down a little bit. That’s one thing I love about Michigan’s fall/winter  season is that you get a chance to catch your breath and catch up on business. I do most of my productive work during this season. During summer you will catch me boating, biking, golfing, and flying hopefully next year. Ok, back to business. I have been moving forward with all the great ideas the Lord has given me, but I got an amazing revelation from the Lord last week. God told me to locate a few good partners to get the business plans shifted into the next gear. Now this was huge…hey I have always understood the principle that your destiny is tied up with others. God never intended you to accomplish great things on your own. I thought I had the full revelation of this, but I was wrong. I have had no problem hooking up with people to help develop my spiritual life, but when it came to business I wanted to have complete control. I have been steadfast trying to raise the capital and resource for all of my business ventures alone. I have never wanted to give up any share of the profits and so this was the game plan from the start. It’s ironic because I have had people want to give me $$$ to invest in my products but did not want anything to do with it. I have always wanted to be a self-made man, but there is no such thing. Even the great business giants of the past (Ford, Rockefeller, ect…) all had partners and resources to help get their empires off the lauch pad. So thank you God for giving me the revelation of taking on partners in the journey of life, business, and ministry.

Peace Out

Hello Bloggy,

It’s been a while since my last post. I am sometimes old-fashioned and need a break from the technology of cell phones, the internet, and twitter. As I type this post I am jamming to Phil on YouTube and looking at images of my little girl via FB. What would I do without this great technology, LOL Sometimes I like to just relax and think of all the great blessing that the Good Lord has given me. Sometimes I feel like I’m living a dream; I am so blessed. As I look at this image the thoughts of responsibility rise up within me. I might be bias but I have the most beautiful daughter in the world, and she just hit the ripe age of two whole years. Every decision she sees me make…..Every example I set for her…..and Everything I teach her will impact her for the rest of her precious life. Lord God continue to fill me with your Holy Spirit. Lord let me be the man you called me to be………..

Peace Out…..